Sign up for the Long Story Short Festival

Suzart Productions is proud to present a bold new festival that has never been done in Ottawa before! Welcome to our musical theatre festival devoted to musical shorts. This year it will be recorded and streamed online in February of 2022. We are thrilled about this festival!!!

This is your chance to:

  • Create theatre in a way that is safe for our community.
  • Experiment with new skills in producing theatre for a virtual world.
  • Connect and learn together while creating something new.

Click below for more details and put your hat in the ring for the Long Story Short Festival!



Volunteers are one of Suzart’s best assets. There are countless moving parts that come together to create magic on stage that require the dedication and creativity of our volunteers. To let us know you're interested in volunteering, please tell us about yourself and your talents here.


Suzart would be very grateful if you would consider becoming a Suzart Angel to assist us in fulfilling our important mandate in the community. There are several levels of support and Suzart Angels will be prominently recognized in our two mainstage show programmes.

100% of the money collected goes to produce quality community theatre productions.

Please consider donating by clicking here.

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