Production Teams for 2018-2019

Our production teams are the directors and designers of magic on-stage. Contact if you are interested in filling a vacancy or apprenticing a seasoned artist.

 Producer Anna McCready
(camp coordinator)
Cass MarksAnna McCreadyJennifer Gabriel
 Director Katherine Colbert Ellen Seguin  Kraig-Paul Proulx
Anna McCready (apprentice) 
 Sue Fowler Dacey

Apprentices: Terry Thompson and Cheryl Wallingford

 Music Director Anna McCreadyAlina  Holmes Alex Soloway Catherine Spear-Ducasse
Christopher Natuik (Associate)
 Choreographer Sharena Campo & Lynn McDonald Anna SeguinShreyas Batra
Meg Sutton
 Cass Marks
 Stage Manager Rory Woodland 
(mentored by Lisa Dunn)
  Dee Staigh Marc Seguin
 Costume Designer Tracy Byers-Reid Tracy Byers-Reid Ginny Steele & Dee Staigh Tracey Byers-Reid
 Props Designer Rebecca Donaldson Sandy Richards Rebecca DonaldsonTrish Williams
 Set Designer Grace Cosgrove Christy Bindhardt  Elaine McCausland
 Lighting Designer  Don DouglasDon Douglas  Don Douglas
 Sound Designer Aaron Reid Marc Seguin David Verb Reba Sigler
 Hair Designer  Sue Fowler Dacey Kraig-Paul Proulx Ellen Seguin
 Makeup Designer  Sue Fowler Dacey Dalene Gallo Ellen Seguin
 Master Carpenter  Elaine McCausland

 Craig Pedersen & Ryan Pedersen

Iván López Torres
 Assistant Stage Managers    TBD
 Accompanist n/a   Christopher Natuik
 Dance Captains   Myrla Navarro TBD

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